Kirkland Middle School PTSA raises funds to support in-school programs, teachers, students, and families.


This year KiMS PTSA will support the new Panther Pantry, school technology needs,
classroom materials, classroom grants, teacher wish lists, student scholarships, KiMS families in need,
drama programs, Reflections art programs, student tutoring, staff appreciation, and much, much more. It's easy to donate to help all these great programs run smoothly this year. 


How it's done...

Donations to the Kirkland Middle School PTSA help us fund gaps in the school budget. We make donating to KiMS PTSA as easy as possible:

  • GIVE an annual gift when you sign up to join the PTSA in September. With a very small PTSA team for the 2023-24 school year, we may hold an annual fundraiser later in the year, but giving a donation in September helps us know how much we have to work with for the school year, and how much we need to raise later in the school year to support the school's needs.  
  • Match your gift to KiMS PTSA. Many companies that KiMS families work for have generous corporate matching programs that will match both donations of money and volunteer time by employees. Please request timely matches and volunteer hour payouts to help support our PTSA budget year-round.
    • KiMS PTSA is an IRS-approved, 501c3 charitable organization, and donations are tax-deductible and eligible for corporate matching.
    • To request a corporate match, use our EIN/TAX ID number: 911185507.

  • Shopping at certain local and national retailers including Fred Meyer Community Rewards - Search for "Kirkland Middle School PTSA" or our organization number "IN297"


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!